My Generation

    My Generation (Cover & Inside)                
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    Label / Index #
    Who 2000.65

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    My Generation (CD) (The Who Company WO 1999, 65-CD)
    My Generation (CD) (Wholiday Music WH-007)
    My Generation (CD) (Brunswick LAT 8616)

    My Generation (LP) (Brunswick LAT.8616)

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Tracks 24-27 Stereo (rest mono). Twelve Page booklet contains both
    US and UK covers plus photos from contemporary EPs and publicity. One page is
    original liner notes. The label has the look of the original Brunswick label albeit
    written Brunwick. Overall the sound is pretty good. The sound is somewhat poorer
    for the bonus material but I guess the US CD provides a good basis for the bootleg.

     1. Out In The Street
     2. I Don't Mind
     3. The Good's Gone
     4. La-La-La-Lies
     5. Much Too Much
     6. My Generation
     7. The Kids Are Alright
     8. Please Please Please
     9. It's Not True
    10. I'm A Man
    11. A Legal Matter
    12. The Ox
    13. I'm The Face
    14. Zoot Suit
    15. I Can't Explain
    16. Bald Headed Woman
    17. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
    18. Daddy Rolling Stone
    19. Anytime You Want Me
    20. Shout And Shimmy
    21. Instant Party (Circles)
    22. Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (alt.)
    23. Substitute (alt. censored lyrics)
    24. Leaving Here
    25. Motoring
    26. Heatwave (1st version)
    27. Lubie (Come Back Home)
    28. Great Shakes 
       + US Air Force Ad

Thanks to John Melbourne from the U.K. for the information and scans to this CD.