Quadrophenic In Oslo

    Quadrophenic In Oslo

    Label / Index #
    Sumo 06/07

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    Venue: Spektrum, Oslo, Norway,Saturday, April 26, 1997
    Recording: Audience (DAT ?)
    Comments: This is the 3rd show of the 1997 leg of the tour. This is a pretty good
    show. The band make several comments about the audience and that it's good to be
    back in Norway after such a long absence and the atmosphere appears to be quite
    good in general. The discs are orange in color. This is also a very good sounding re-
    cording. (Possibly DAT). Compare with the titles listed above.

        CD 1

     1. Substitute
     2. I Can't Explain
     3. I Am The Sea
     4. The Real Me
     5. Quadrophenia
     6. Cut My Hair
     7. Punk & The Godfather
     8. I'm One
     9. The Dirty Jobs
    10. Helpless Dancer
    11. Is It In My Head?
    12. I've Had Enough
    13. 5:15
    14. Sea And Sand
    15. Drowned

        CD 2

     1. Bell Boy
     2. Doctor Jimmy
     3. The Rock
     4. Love Reign O'er Me
     5. Won't Get Fooled Again
     6. Behind Blind Eyes
     7. Magic Bus
     8. I Can See For Miles
     9. Who Are You