Spectrum 1973

    Spectrum 1973   Spectrum 1973 (Back Cover)

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    The Real Me

    Pete Intro’s I’m One

    Venue: The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Thursday, December 4, 1973
    Source: Soundboard
    Comments: No one needs to sell me on this being the REAL Philly show. Once
    you’ve heard Tales From The Who and know this show inside and out and front to
    back, there’s no room for doubt - this IS the real deal. I have some serious doubt as
    to whether the King Biscuit Flower Hour (KBFH) recording and this recording are from
    the same sound source. As with the Largo 1973 (CD) (Unknown) CD, the sound
    here is fantastic and it’s a serious show to boot. I haven’t had yet found the time to
    |compare this CD and the Largo 1973 CD side-by-side with the Tales From The Who
    CD’s but the sound here is consistently even unlike the ”Tales“ CD’s / LP’s et al. RD’s
    stage announcements confirm this show to be in Philadelphia and it’s awesome to
    have this so-oft-bootlegged performance with such excellent sound quality. This CD
    omits Love Reign O’er Me but includes Naked Eye vs. the Largo 1973 CD. It won’t
    take too long to compare these two new 1973 Quadrophenia shows to determine
    which tracks on Tales From The Who were from the Largo, MD show 2 days later.
    However, if someone can beat me to it, feel free to fill us all in! After having listened
    to both the Largo and Spectrum CD’s multiple, multiple times, I’m giving the Largo
    CD a very, very, very slight edge on sound. Compared to the previously released
    KBFH Spectrum recordings, this CD includes the Introduction - which is stage entry
    and guitar tuning, My Wife, Roger’s introduction / explanation of Quadrophenia, The
    Real Me, The Punk And The Godfather, 5:15 and Naked Eye. Did I mention the fan-
    tastic sound quality??? Man - I’m ranking this and the Largo show right up there with
    Live At Leeds Complete!!!

         CD 1

     1. Introduction
     2. I Can’t Explain
     3. Summertime Blues
     4. My Wife
     5. My Generation
     6. Quadrophenia Introduction
     7. I Am The Sea
     8. The Real Me
     9. The Punk And The Godfather
    10. I’m One
    11. 5:15
    12. Sea And Sand
    13. Drowned

        CD 2

     1. Bell Boy
     2. Doctor Jimmy
     3. Won’t Get Fooled Again
     4. Pinball Wizard
     5. See Me, Feel Me
     6. Naked Eye