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    Label / Index #
    Killing Floor KF 99028/29

    Forest Nationale, Brussels, Belgium, Wednesday, August 16, 1972
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is the third show of the 1972 European tour featuring a pretty good
    show with decent sound. This is yet another release from the folks at the Killing
    label who've brought us such nuggets as
    Chicago 1971 (CD) (Killing Floor
    KF 98007/8)
    , Closer To Queen Mary (CD) (Killing Floor KF 98003/4) I think
    you're going to like this one.

        CD 1

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. Shakin' All Over
     3. My Wife
     4. Summertime Blues
     5. Baba O'Riley
     6. Behind Blue Eyes
     7. Bargain
     8. Won't Get Fooled Again
     9. Magic Bus

        CD 2

     1. Relay
     2. Pinball Wizard
     3. See Me, Feel Me
     4. My Generation
     5. Sparks
     6. Naked Eye
     7. Long Live Rock