You Are Who?

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    Label / Index #
    WHO-HH-09 / WHO 78

    Compare with;
    Music Must Change (CD) (Unknown)
    Music Must Change (CD) (1996 No RIAA Records)

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Nice digipack containing Pete's demos from the end of 70' presented
    her in very good audio quality. The two songs (Who Are You + Barbara Ann) of the
    band, come from the film The Kids Are Alright. Basically a decent CD as usual on
    the Who label [(see The Who '66 (CD) (Polyboy WHO-66) + The Who Sell Out -
    Mono Edition
    (CD) (Polyboy WHO 67)
    ] edition. This CD looks suspiciously similar
    to the CD releases from several years ago listed above. Compare with the items
    listed above.

     1. Who Are You
     2. Who Are You
     3. Love Is Coming Down
     4. New Song
     5. Sister Disco
     6. Never Ask Me
     7. I Like It The Way
     8. Love Is Wine
     9. Keep On Working
    10. Guitar And Pen
    11. Music Must Change
    12. Empty Glass
    14. No Road Romance
    15. Barbara Ann
    16. Peppermint Lump

Thanks to Genero Alberto from Italy for the information and cover to this CD.