Quadrophenia Demos

    I Am Happy Birthday With Love

    Label / Index #
    Black Dog Records BD 005

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    Demos For Quadrophenia (CD) (Sunrise 2003)
    It's A Quad (CD) (Dynamite Studio, DS 94J091/94J092)
    Lifehouse & Quadrophenia Demos 1970 & 1973 (CD) (Primadonna PD 086/087)
    Punk Meets The Godfather, The Quadrophenia Demos 1973 (CD)
    (Whoopy Kat Records, WKP-0032)
    Punk Meets The Godfather (CD) (Red Robin (ROB-1044)

    PT Comments / Radio Show about The Who in the mid - late '70

    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: PT's name is misspelled on the cover. The Real Me (*sounds* the
    same as the version on Lifehouse & Quadrophenia Demos and The Punk Meets
    The Godfather
    but the tracks on this boot are of lesser quality). Dirty Jobs (same
    as above) Punk Meets The Godfather (same as above) I'm One (wonderful version
    unlike any other I have heard, starts acapella and the band comes in about half way
    through) Dirty Jobs (sounds a little different than the above version) Bell Boy (same
    as tracks 1-3) Cut My Hair (same as tracks 1-3, 6) Who Are You (longer version
    than on Music Must Change, from a radio broadcast) Baba O'Riley (same as on
    Music Must Change).

     1. The Real Me
     2. Dirty Jobs #1
     3. Punk Meets The Godfather
     4. I'm One
     5. Dirty Jobs #2
     6. Bell Boy
     7. Cut My Hair
     8. Drowned
     9. Instrumental (1975)
    10. I'm Gonna Fight To Make You Mine ('75)
    11. Who Are You (demo)
    12. Baba O'Riley (Instrumental Demo)
    13. Dogs (1968 demo)

    Thanks to John Bowes for the information and cover to this CD.