Pete Townshend: Rough Boy

    Rough Boy   Rough Boy (Back Cover)

    Label / Index #
    Gold Standard / Dime Time D.T. 1001 / WNS-668

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    Pete Townshend: The Academy (CD) (Unknown)
    Pete Townshend: Music Must Change (CD) (Red Phantom RPCD 2151/52)
    Pete Townshend: Rough Boy (CD) (Midas Touch WNS-668)

    Pete Townshend: Virtual Reality (CD) (PTCD-9302-2)

    The Beacon Theatre, New York, USA,  July 13, 1993
    Comments: The index number on this CD (WNS-668) is the same as on Pete
    Townshend: Rough Boy
    (CD) (Midas Touch WNS-668)
    , but is listed only on the
    Disc. Also listed in bold lettering at the top of the CD is "The Gold Standard", and
    the CD is gold in color. The writing on the edge of the CD appears to be Italian, but
    that does not necessarily mean it was manufactured in Italy. This is also available
    on bootleg video. Pretty good PT show with a back-up band. Within the next several
    weeks I hope to research these two CDs in order to verify the authenticity of this
    title on the Midas Touch label.

     1. Rough Boys
     2. Eyesight To The Blind
     3. I'm An Animal
     4. Eminence Front
     5. You Better You Bet
     6. A Little Is Enough
     7. Heart To Hang On To
     8. Let's See Action
     9. Let My Love Open The Door
    10. Face The Face
    11. I'm One
    12. Save It For Later
    13. Won't Get Fooled Again

Thanks to Matt W. for the info and covers to this CD.