Pete Townshend: Virtual Reality

    Pete Townshend: Virtual Reality

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    Brooklyn Academy, New York, New York, USA, August 7, 1993
    The scans are not that great due to the absolutely horrible use of color
    on the original artwork. The bootlegger combined orange and tangerine with a teal
    blue. The effect is unsettling at best. The discs are silver, with printed labels and
    song titles. Disc One clocks in at 69:54, and disc two at 69.14. The performance is
    not specifically credited, but it is the 1993 Brooklyn Academy show, incomplete, of
    course, but almost all of the show. It basically has what was broadcast on pay-per-
    view, and ends with Face the Face. There are a few mistakes on the label and cover
    track listings. But, since you can't read the type on the back cover due to the color
    selection, no matter. The disc is OK sound, definitely a satelite feed SBD source.
    This was really done better with the 2 CD set Pete Townshend: Music Must
    (CD) (Red Phantom)
    Compare with the that CD.

        Disc One

     1. Pinball Wizard
     2. See Me Feel Me
     3. Let My Love Open The Door
     4. Rough Boys
     5. Behind Blue Eyes
     6. The Kids Are Alright
     7. Keep Me Turning
     8. Eminence Front (called Venomous Front on label)
     9. Psycho Derelict introduction
    10 .English Boy
    11. Meher Baba M3
    12. Let's Get Pretentious
    13. Meher Baba M4 (Signal Box)
    14. Early Morning Dreams
    15. I Want That Thing
    16. Outlive The Dinosaur
    17. Meher Baba M4
    18. Flame (Demo)
    19. Now And Then

        Disc Two

     1. I Am Afraid
     2. Don't Try To Make Me Real
     3. Predictable
     4. Flame
     5. Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi)
     6. Fake It
     7. Now And Then (Reprise)
     8. English Boy (Reprise)
     9. Girl from North Country
    10. A Little Is Enough
    11. You Better You Bet
    12. Irene Good Night
    13. Rye Cooder Kind Of Thing
    14. Save It For Later
    15. Face The Face

Thanks to Kevin B. for the cover and information to this CD.