The Genius of Pete Townshend Volume One (Jigsaw Puzzle - Home Demos 1970-1971)

    The Genius of Pete Townshend Volume One (Jigsaw Puzzle - Home Demos 1970-1971)

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    Venue: Home Demos 1970-1971
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This is one KILLER CD! This is about the closest song order to the in-
    tended Lifehouse project that I've ever seen. Strictly PT on these tunes. It starts
    off with Pure And Easy with it's haunting chorus of "there once was a note pure
    and easy...
    "and ending with the refrain "there once was a note, LISTEN!...." then
    nicely rolls from one tune in to the next before finally ending the disc with Song Is
    and it's reprise of the Pure And Easy refrain "there once was a note, pure
    and easy playing so free like a breath rippling by
    ". The sound is very good and
    it features the 13 + minute version of Baba O'Riley. This appears to be a copy of the
    vinyl LP The Genius of Peter Townshend and then some. This disc includes Let's
    See Action
    and a few others which none of the above-mentioned titles do in direct
    connection with the Lifehouse project. The folkes at the HIWATT label did a fine job
    on this one. Compare with the CDs listed above.

    Pure And Easy
     2. Baba O'Riley
     3. Bargain
     4. Love Ain't For Keepin' (sic Love Ain't For Keeping)
     5. Mary
     6. Getting In Tune
     7. Going Mobile
     8. I Don't Even Know Myself
     9. Too Much Of Anything
    10. Let's See Action
    11. Time Is Passing
    12. Behind Blue Eyes
    13. Won't Get Fooled Again
    14. The Song Is Over

Thanks to Ron G. the for the information to this CD.