Dance To Keep From Crying

    Dance To Keep From Crying

    Label / Index #
    Marquee Records WRKG 1000

    Compare With;
    Live At The Marquee Club (LP) (JESTER PRODUCTIONS JP 104)
    Maximum R&B (LP) (JESTER PRODUCTIONS JP 104)

    Venue: Marquee Club, London, UK, June 1963 (?)
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: The cover is simply a black and white photo on a dark blue background
    of Pete and Keith dancing at the Scene Club, with no writing on it. The back has an
    early photo of the band on stage with only KM and PT visible. Although it claims to
    have been recorded at the Marquee Club June, '63. It is doubtful whether The Who
    played the Marquee Club this early in their career. The above pic is the back cover
    listing the title and setlist. The recording is either a very good audience or Sound-
    board recording. The labels are light blue and state "Marquee Records”. Do not con-
    fuse with The High Numbers
    Maximum R&B (LP) (JESTER PRODUCTIONS JP 104).

        Side 1

     1. Dance (To Keep From Crying)
     2. Young Man Blues
     3. Long Tall Shorty
     4. Pretty Thing
     5. Here

        Side 2

     1. Instrumental #1 (You Really Got Me)
     2. Instrumental #2 (Green Onions)
     3. Blues Medley (Smokestack Lightning / Money)

Thanks to "MB" for additional comments to this LP.

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