Live At The Marquee Club

    Compare with;
    Dance To Keep From Crying (LP) (MARQUEE RECORDS WRKG 1000)
    Maximum R&B (LP) (JESTER PRODUCTIONS JP 104)

    Venue: The Marquee Club, London, UK, June, 1964(?)
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: It's doubtful whether The Who played the Marquee Club this early in the
    year data from this era is sketchy. Neither the Who Concert Guide web site nor The
    Who Concert File
    book list any Marquee gig in June. The first mention is November

    Side 1

     1. Dance To Keep From Crying
     2. You Really Got Me
     3. Young Man's Blues (sic Young Man Blues)
     4. Instrumental #1
     5. Instrumental #2
     6, Long Tall Sally

        Side 2

     1. Pretty Things
     2. Smokestack Lightening
     3. Money
     4. Here 'Tis

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