Maximum R&B

    Maximum R&B

    Label / Index #
    Jester Productions JP 104

    Compare With;
    Dance To Keep From Crying (LP) (Marquee Records WRKG 1000)
    Live At The Marquee Club (LP) (JESTER PRODUCTIONS JP 104)

    Venue: The Marquee, Soho, South London, UK, June, 1964(?)
    Recording: Audience / Soundboard
    Comments: This is a very early Who performance - the exact date The Who played
    The Marquee Club this early in their career is difficult to pinpoint. The LP states
    “June, 1964”. The earliest mention of a Marquee Club show on The Who Concert
    webpage and
    by The Who Concert File book is November 24, 1964. Com-
    pare with the LP listed above.

    Side 1

     1. Dance To Keep From Crying
     2. You Really Got Me
     3. Young Man's Blues
     4. Instrumental #1
     5. Instrumental #2
     6. Long Tall Sally

        Side 2

     1. Pretty Things
     2. Smokestack Lightning
     3. Money
     4. Here 'Tis

Thanks to Joe Giorgianni for the cover to this LP.

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