I.B.C. Demos

    I.B.C. Demos

    Label / Index #

    Compare with;
    I.B.C. Demos (LP) (TMOQ)
    I.B.C. Demos (LP) (Unknown)
    I.B.C. Demos (LP) (ODD 5)
    I.B.C. Demos (LP) (ODD 5)

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: This appears to be an effort to sell leftover copies of The Genius Of
    Peter Townshend and I.B.C. Demos. Both LP's came in a single plain white card-
    board sleeve with the photo of PT holding a Les Paul and looking to his right; "The
    Genius of Peter Townshend" on back, with the 1974 drawing by William Stout and
    the song list. The label states; STORYTIME ST-24, 25, 26, 27 (Sides 1, 2, 3, or 4 -
    each number to the corresponding side)as well as "Once Upon a Beetle and "The
    London Theatre Players" Above the word "Storytime" there is a circle containing a
    jester's head inside. The jester has hearts at the corners of his mouth. on each label,
    in much smaller print, is AD 107641 B. Compare the song listing with the above men-
    tioned LP's. Note the spelling of the word DEMOS on the cover spelled with an apos-

    Most I.B.C Demos LP covers use the same PT image with minor differences in color.
    Compare specifically with I.B.C. Demos (LP) (Unknown). The LP that came with
    the cover depicted above is labeled "Storytime" with side 1 being labeled "ST - 24
    and side 2 "ST - 25". This particular item was not issued with 2 LP's. If anyone has
    the other LP labeled Storytime 26 & 27, information about this would be greatly app-
    reciated. Compare the Storytime label description here with The Genius Of Peter
    (LP) (Storytime). Compare with the other I.B.C. Demos LPs listed

    Side 1

     1. Radio One
     2. Happy Jack
     3. Glow Girl
     4. Run, Run, Run
     5. Top Gear
     6. Summertime Blues
     7. Disguises
     8. Glittering Girl
     9. Batman
    10. I Can See For Miles

        Side 2

     1. Radio One My Generation
     2. Coca Cola
     3. Signal 30
     4. Kill My Appetite
     5. Do The Strip
     6. The Seeker
     7. Young Man Blues
     8. Don't Look Away