I.B.C. Demos

    I.B.C. Demos

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    I.B.C. Demos (LP) (Storytime)
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    I.B.C. Demos (LP) (ODD 5)
    I.B.C. Demos (LP) (ODD 5)

    Venue: Studio
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Identical to I.B.C. Demos (LP) (Storytime) except this one came with
    a blue paper insert and the back cover had the song titles listed in black.

    Side 1

     1. Radio One
     2. Happy Jack
     3. Glow Girl
     4. Run, Run, Run
     5. Top Gear
     6. Summertime Blues
     7. Disguises
     8. Glittering Girl
     9. Batman
    10. I Can See For Miles

        Side 2

     1. Radio One My Generation
     2. Coca Cola
     3. Signal 30
     4. Kill My Appetite
     5. Do The Strip
     6. The Seeker
     7. Young Man Blues
     8. Don't Look Away