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Chord fingering – Pete style

About this page

Overview of Pete Townshend’s common chord shapes and fingerings.

Unique to Pete Townshend’s guitar-playing style is the way he fingers chords. The biggest difference being the omission of the 3rd in many chords (see power chords) and using the thumb to either mute the low strings of a chord or to play the bass note of a chord. In some transcriptions, I’ve tried to indicate fingering; however, I haven’t done it in all transcriptions. So here is a guide to basic fingering, PT style. Though not an exhaustive list, these are the most common chords and voicings found in PT/Who songs, with or without a capo. Keep in mind, your guitar teacher will likely slaughter you if he or she catches you using some of these …

If you have questions, or there are other chords for which you’d like to know the fingering, contact Whotabs.

Chord fingering


t:  thumb
i:  index finger
m:  middle finger
r:  ring finger
p:  pinky

Typical PT chord fingerings:

E:  022400  and  02xxxx  and  022xxx  and  022100  
     iip          i            ii           mri      

A:  x02255  and  x02xxx  and  x022xx  and  x02220
    t iipp       t i          t ii         t mir 

D:  2x0232  and  xx0232  and  xx023x  and  xx0235
    t  irm       tt irm       tt ir        tt imp

G:  3x0033  and  3x0003
    t   rp       r    p

F:  1x3211  and  133211
    t rmii       trpmii

Fsus4:  1x3311
        t rpii

C/G: 3x2013
     r m ip

G7:  xx3033  and  xx0001
       m rp            i

A7:  x05050  and  x05250 
       r p          rip

Bmin7:  x20232
         i mpr

Cadd9:  x32030  and x3x030 and x3x033
         mi r        m  r       m  rp

D/A: x0423x 
     t rim

D7:  xx0535 

A form barre chord (D):  x5777x  and  x577xx
                          ippp         ipp

E form barre chord (A):  577655  and  577xxx and 5x7655
                         trpmii       ipp        t rmii

C form barre chord (Eb): xx5343  and  x65343
                           rimi        primi 


If you’re used to chord boxes, see below for example:

Fingering box for A5 (x02255)