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Site Style Preferences

Page layout selections

Using this utility or a modern browser, you can select a site layout to suit your monitor or your preferences. This utility requires a DOM-capable browser with JavaScript enabled. A cookie will be set to remember your preference.

(Please note: These styles are optimized for more modern browsers. Older browsers will still render the site’s content, but may not accurately render the layouts.)

Default setting
Choose default setting. This is the basic new Whotabs layout, with left global menu and a new almost-full page width, that will accommodate multiple browser/display widths. If you enjoy this site as is, you can this leave this page right now.
“Classic” original Whotabs layout
Choose “Classic” original layout. If you aren’t a fan of change, this option returns the site to the original basic Whotabs layout, with left global menu and full page width.
Right-oriented navigation
Choose Right-oriented navigation. If left navigation and full liquid width aren’t your cup of tea, this layout moves the global menu to the right and provides a limited-width centered horizontal layout.
Reverse background
Choose Reverse background. For the tablature sections of Whotabs, this style uses a dark text-on-light background presentation. In the resources and gear sections, it’s light-on-dark.

Want to learn more about style-switching? Check out A List Apart.