Amsterdam Journey

    Amsterdam Journey

    Label / Index #
    Adorable 001/2

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    Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland, Monday, September 29, 1969
    Recording: Stated as Soundboard
    Comments: Much has been written about this show. Previously available on vinyl &
    CD from The Swinging Pig entitled Live in Amsterdam without A Quick One and My
    Generation in track listing. Preliminary research indicated that on vinyl there exists
    My Generation and High Numbers, First Complete Rock Opera. MG lists Substitute
    and Happy Jack in track listings. On CD, Delay and Live Tommy (claiming to be from
    Amsterdam) list Substitute, I'm ABoy, and Happy Jack. However, both Live in Ams-
    & Amsterdam Journey do not list Substitute,I'm A Boy, & Happy Jack as
    tracks.The Who Concert File book, page 92, states that Substitute, I'm A Boy, and
    Happy Jack were played at the show.


      The service claims that the CD is "ultra high quality soundboard
      recording," of which I disagree. First, there are numerous drop-outs
      both vocally and instrumentally. This may have happended at the
      show, but I think it is fair to say this is a very good tape recording
      off the radio or an excellent audience recording. It is entirely possible
      that this CD is from the same source as the Swinging Pig release
      with obvious exceptions.

      This CD is a further example of The Who needing to allow official
      bootlegs of their shows for accuracy and completeness.

This piece was written by a WHO FAN as a review for the ODDS & SODS FAN CLUB.

        CD 1

     1. Heaven & Hell
     2. I Can't Explain
     3. Fortune Teller
     4. Tattoo
     5. Young Man Blues
     6. A Quick One
     7. Overture
     8. It's A Boy
     9. 1921
    10. Amazing Journey
    11. Sparks
    12. Eyesight to the Blind
    13. Christmas
    14. The Acid Queen
    15. Pinball Wizard
    16. Do You Think It's Alright
    17. Fiddle About
    18. Tommy Can You Hear Me
    19. There's A Doctor
    20. Go to the Mirror
    21. Smash the Mirror
    22. Miracle Cure
    23. Sally Simpson

        CD 2

     1. I'm Free
     2. Tommy's Holiday Camp
     3. We're Not Gonna Take It
     4. See Me Feel Me
     5. Summertime Blues
     6. Shakin All Over
     7. My Generation (Medley)
     8. Bonus Tracks (Trunk on CD)
     9. Heaven & Hell
    10. I Can't Explain
    11. Too Much of Anything
    12. Getting in Tune
    13. Bargain
    14. Water