My Generation

    My Generation

    Label / Index #
    On Stage CD 12012

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    Venue: Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland, Monday, September, 29, 1969
    Recording: Soundboard
    Comments: Nothing too special about this one. Compare with the titles listed above.

    I Can't Explain
     2. Fortune Teller
     3. Tattoo
     4. Young Man Blues
     5. Pinball Wizard
     6. Substitute
     7. Happy Jack
     8. I'm Free
     9. 1921
    10. Summertime Blues
    11. See Me, Feel Me
    12. I'm A Boy
    13. Christmas
    14. The Acid Queen
    15. Shakin' All Over
    16. My Generation

Thanks to Stephan Eichhorn from Germany for the info and cover to this CD.