Long Live Rock Live

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    Venue: Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria, Saturday, September 2, 1972
    Recording: Audience
    Comments: This is a double disc set on the Mainstream label. Reported as a fairly
    decent sounding recording. This release is sandwiched between the Berlin 1972
    (CD) (Fire Power FP-027) and Live In Munich (LP) (Pigs Eye 7) / Who Is This?
    (LP) (RUBBER DUBBER DL75065)
    / Who Is This? (LP) (W-100) bootlegs releases.
    Compare with the titles mentioned above.

        CD 1

     1. I Can't Explain
     2. Summertime Blues
     3. My Wife
     4. Baba O'Riley
     5. Bhind Blue Eyes (sic Behind Blue Eyes)
     6. Bargain
     7. Won't Get Fooled Again
     8. Magic Bus

        CD 2

     1. Relay
     2. Pinball Wizard
     3. See Me, Feel Me
     4. My Generation
     5. Naked Eye
     6. Long Live Rock

Thanks to Dan Cooper for the information and cover to this CD.