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Baba O'Riley's Bootleg Page

Amsterdam 1969

Who's Zoo (Alternate Blue & Black Cover)

I’ve tried very hard to create a Web site that will hope-
fully stimulate and maybe even satisfy your interest in
Who bootlegs. Sometimes you might have questions
that go beyond the information found within these
pages. With that in mind, I’ve compiled this (very) short
list of the most frequently asked questions.

Who's Zoo (Very Rare Japanese CD)


  1. How do I use your page?
  2. Where can I find these CDs / LPs?
  3. Can you burn a CD-R or dub a tape for me?
  4. Do you do any trades?
  5. Can I take any of the graphics / pictures from your site?
  6. Will you send me pictures of covers, inserts or of a CD itself?
  7. Why don’t you have a CD-R page anymore?
  8. Why don’t you have a Video page anymore?
  9. What is your favorite Who Bootleg?
  10. What is your favorite legit Who CD / LP?
  11. What is your favorite Who song?




    How do I use your page?
    My page is strictly a catalog. You can look up titles and get information about each title
    listed. This is particularly helpful if you have one of these titles and aren’t certain what you
    have, if you’ve seen a particular title on an e-commerce site, auction site, local music
    shop or in a friend’s collection and would like to have more information about that title, or,
    if you just want more information about The Who’s live recordings since their reputation for
    delivering a stellar live performance is still unequaled.

    Where can I find these CDs / LPs?
    Most of the selling and trading is done online via web sites and news groups.. Check the
    Links page for some places to start your search. Ebay has also been a good place to find
    some of these as well including some very hard to find vinyl. Some music magazines also
    contain ads by individuals looking to sell / trade. Try some of the many newsgroups (the
    ODDS & SODS NG is a good place to get some real solid info.

    Can you burn a CD-R or dub a tape for me?
    On occasion I may - if I can find the time. People hit me up for a lot of stuff but I’ve also
    been fortunate to have received a lot of material and so I do try to give back.

    Do you do any trades?
    My answer here is the same as for burning CD-R’s.

    Can I take any of the graphics / pictures from your site?
    No, but I can’t stop you, but you can bet I’ll do my best to make it a real headache.

    Will you send me pictures of covers, inserts or of a CD itself?
    Are you kidding me?! Get real! Don’t even think about e-mailing me about that. You will
    NOT receive a reply from me - EVER.

    Why don’t you have the CD-R page anymore?
    CD / LP and Tape collecting can be serious business requiring a lot of time and effort in
    order to procure a low generation tape and the cost of acquiring CDs or LPs can be pro-
    hibitive. So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to create a new page entitled ROIO (Record-
    ings of Indeterminate Origin). This page will be created and maintained by my friend Matt
    and will hopefully adequately address the tape collectors and CD-R markets. Good luck
    Matt, you’re going to need it.

    Why don’t you have a Video page anymore?
    I’ve started uploading video clips again. For the most part, they’re incorporated into the
    individual CD / LP listing for a particular show but I’ll also place them in the Videos page.

    What is your favorite Who Bootleg?
    There are way too many to list here but of particular note are the CDs Live At Leeds Com-
    plete, the double set Merry Christmas Mr. Who, Toronto 1975, Amazing Journey (Amster-
    dam Concertgebouw, 1969), Fillmore East, Demos for Quadrophenia and most of the
    “demos” CDs and LPs in general (great stuff) as well as Tales From The Who and Charl-
    ton Uncut. On LP, perhaps American Tour 1979, Swansea 1976. There are just too
    many to list. Suffice it to say I’m a huge fan of the 1968 through 1978 period and (the
    Keith Moon era, in general. Mind you, there are other incredible bootlegs from 1979 to the
    current time but I’ve always been into the harder stuff. Merry Christmas Mr. Who (Edmon-
    ton Sundown Theater, 1973) is a great performance despite the mediocre sound quality. If
    you’re into PT’s lead guitar jams, this is a stellar Quadrophenia show. There are probably
    another 100 shows I could probably list but....

    What is your favorite legitmate Who CD / LP?
    My Generation, Happy Jack, Sell Out, Tommy (all versions except the Broadway ver-
    sion) Live At Leeds, Who’s Next, Quadrophenia, Meaty Beaty Big And Bouncy, ODDS &
    SODS, By Numbers, Who Are You, Live At The Isle Of Wight, PT’s Who Came First,
    RD’s Daltrey, Ride A Rock Horse, One Of The Boys, JAE’s Smash Your Head Against
    The Wall, Rigor Mortis, Whistle Rymes, KM’s Two Sides Of The Moon...the vintage stuff..

    What is your favorite Who song?
    Again, there are way too many to list. Certainly among my big favorites are My Generation
    Substitute, Sunrise, Tattoo, Our Love Was, Is, Relax (Fillmore East, 1968) Magic Bus, I’m
    A Boy, Little Billy, Pinball Wizard, Sparks, Young Man Blues, Dogs, Dogs Part II, Long
    Live Rock, Road Runner, Join Together, Pure And Easy (from the ODDS & SODS LP and
    Who’s Next Deluxe Edition CD), Water (live versions Tanglewood Music Shed, 1970, Isle
    Of Wight, Young Vic Theater, Naked Eye (Tanglewood 1970), anything from Sell Out,
    Tommy, Live At Leeds, Who’s Next, Quadrophenia and on and on and on and on....



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