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Baba O'Riley's Bootleg Page

Amsterdam 1969

Accept No Substitute (1969) Demos For Quadrophenia (1973) Earl's Court 1996

... HELLO and WELCOME to all WHO fans around the world!

This is THE page to fill MOST of the gaps in your WHO bootleg list. With a flood of WHO bootleg CD's
having hit the market since the mid 1990’s, it has become necessary to do a great deal of research in
verifying their existence, authenticity and source.

Tangled Up In Who 1970Many CD's are copies of old vinyl bootlegs with different titles and cover art.
Some include performance dates, others don't. Obviously this puts the average
buyer at a distinct disadvantage, but even the most ardent collectors are stumped
by this problem. Many CD's contain material that has not previously seen life in
vinyl form. Often, they may contain all of the material previously available on vinyl
as well as additional or "bonus" tracks from the same performance / session,
making the acquisition of these items a necessity for the "hard core" collector.
However, with the average price of single CD's ranging from $20-$30 and double CD' ranging from $40-$50,
this can make for a "costly adventure" when assessing the desire or need to acquire these items.

This page will attempt to clarify most, if not all, of this information for you. I have pain-
stakingly researched and documented all items, whenever possible, to be as accurate as possible.

With your assistance, this page will grow as you make contributions to it. If you wish to contribute
information, please cut and paste the format below in to your e-mail and include the following

  1. Title
  2. Label
  3. Index Numbers
  4. Venue / Source (Live, Studio or Demo
  5. Recording: (Soundboard or Audience)
  6. Track List
  7. well as any other pertinent information that may help in identifying
    the item. I will gladly credit you with the information you contribute by
    listing your name and / or e-mail address if you so desire.

This is with all likelihood not a complete listing of all the WHO bootlegs that have ever hit the
marketplace, but it comes pretty darned close and this is as good as it gets - for now!

Your questions, comments, suggestions and ideas will be appreciated.



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