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Amsterdam 1969

House of Blues  2000 The Who 2007
The Who 2002


The Who opened the new decade by playing nearly 40 shows in 2000. The Who stole the show at the Con-
cert for NYC in October of 2001. There were big plans for another tour in 2002 when tragedy struck on the
eve of the U.S. tour in June. John was gone and The Who were down to two. They still played nearly 30
shows with Pino Palladino filling in on bass. 2004 saw a short world tour with trips to Australia and their
first visit to Japan included. The band was working on a new album in 2006 which, while not complete
until late 2006, became a large portion of the ‘06-’07 shows.

Most of the 2002 & 2004 shows are available on CD from and the 2006 & 2007
shows are on CD and DVD from



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