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Baba O'Riley's Bootleg Page

Amsterdam 1969


  •  The largest record / CD shows in the U.S. are held in Austin, TX in October and Valley
     Forge, PA, usually on Thanksgiving weekend in November.
  •  The largest show in Europe is held in Barcelona, Spain, in November.


France / Italy


  •   Highwire - TheRollingStones

     Language: German
     Region: Germany & the Netherlands
     An EXCELLENT site that specializes in Record / CD shows in Germany
     and the Netherlands.
  •   Schallplattenboersen

      Language: German
      Region: Germany
      Another excellent German site with a focus on East German cities
      such as Dresden and Erfurt.

      Language: German and English
      Region: Europe (Germany, the Netherlands, Franc, Italy, the U.K. and
  •   Aftermath - Defunct

     Language: German
     Region: Kiel, Germany
  •   Beatlemania Plattenboersen Termine

     Language: German / English
      Region: Heavy focus on Germany but also lists many other European
     fairs such as in Hungary, the Netherlands and the U.K.


Northern Ireland


  •   Record Fairs in Sweden and Denmark

     Language: English and Swedish
      Region: Sweden, Denmark
      Another website focusing primarily on record shows in Sweden and


  •   Record Fairs - UK

      Language: English
      Region: U.K.
      Excellent site! Seems to cover many areas in the U.K.
  •  Vinyl Bank

     Language: English
     Region: Record and CD Fairs for the South Midlands located in Ban-
     bury, Cheltenham, Coventry, Leamington Spa, Stratford-upon-Avon
     and Rugby. Established since 1985


  •   Labels-CD-R.Com

      Language: English
      Region: United States
      Focuses on U.S. shows, apparently mostly on the East Coat. Not as
      in-depth as one would like to see.


    If you live in any of the areas that are serviced by these sites and you can contribute any inform-
    ation about shows that you may know of which are not listed, please e-mail the webmasters of
    those respective sites.

    If you live in Australia and have information on record shows, please e-mail the webmaster of the
    respective site listed or send me an e-mail informing me of an appropriate site source.

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