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Pete’s Gear: Guild Custom F-612XL 12-string acoustic guitar

Ca. 1976/77, Olympic Studios recording Rough Mix with Guild 12.

Pete Townshend has used a Guild F-612XL 12-string guitar on most solo and Who recordings beginning with 1971’s Who’s Next. He purchased this guitar from Manny’s in New York. Prior to 1971, he had used a Harmony Sovereign H1270 12-string. He continues to use this guitar for stage performances today. (Pete may also own other Guild F-512 models.)

According to Guild Guitar Book, by Hans Moust:

The 18-wide F-612 was only produced for a limited period and it was never featured in any of the regular catalogs. The guitar was introduced in the ’72 price list, but models from as early as 1970, some with very attractive Brazilian rosewood, are known to exist.

Pete currently has this guitar fitted with Fishman Acoustic Matrix pickup system.

Photo Gallery

Ca. 1976/77, Rough Mix recording sessions at Olympic.

Ca. 1976/77, Rough Mix recording sessions at Olympic.

Ca. 2006, with Guild F612XL, performing with Rachel Fuller.

Click to view larger version. Ca. 2006, with Guild F-612XL, performing with Rachel Fuller.

Pete also used the six-string Guild, the Guild F50.

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